5 Best Refinished Bathtub Maintenance Tips

At Tubs N Stuff, we understand the value of keeping your bathroom looking its best, especially after getting your bathtub refinished. These Refinished Bathtub Maintenance Tips will keep your newly updated bathtub in pristine condition. Here, we’ll share with you the straightforward ways to ensure your refinished bathtub maintenance is up to par, ensuring it stays looking fresh and new for the long haul.

Maintaining Your Refinished Bathtub: Simple Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve invested in a bathtub refinishing to enhance your bathroom’s appearance, it’s crucial to maintain it properly to extend its lifespan. Tubs N Stuff recommends the following five simple steps for refinished bathtub maintenance:

  1. Consistent Cleaning: Keeping your bathtub clean is vital. Use mild, non-abrasive cleaning agents along with a soft sponge or cloth. This approach helps preserve the bathtub’s finish without causing any harm. Steer clear of harsh chemicals and rough cleaning tools that could scratch or damage the surface.
  2. Choose Gentle Cleaning Products: It’s best to avoid harsh chemicals like bleach, abrasive powders, or acidic solutions. These can harm the bathtub’s surface. Opt for softer, non-abrasive cleaning solutions and tools like a soft cloth or sponge to keep your tub in top shape.
  3. Skip the Bath Mat: Traditional bath mats, especially those with suction cups, can damage the finish of your refinished bathtub. A better option is to apply a non-slip treatment during the refinishing process. These treatments provide safety without compromising the tub’s appearance or integrity.
  4. Be Careful with Sharp Objects: Sharp items can easily scratch or damage the bathtub’s surface. Exercise caution with razors or any sharp tools in the bathtub to prevent unsightly marks.
  5. Address Damage Immediately: If you spot any chips or damage, it’s critical to deal with them quickly to avoid worsening the problem. Reach out to the refinishing company for guidance on repairing any issues in a way that won’t harm the bathtub’s finish.

Recommended Products for Cleaning Your Refinished Bathtub:

  • Cleaners: Safe options include Simple Green, 409, Fabuloso, and Dawn Dish Soap. Avoid using harsh substances like Ajax or bleach that can damage the surface.
  • Cleaning Tools: Use a soft kitchen sponge (avoid the abrasive side), a terry towel, a microfiber towel, paper towels, or a soft-bristle brush for gentle cleaning. Avoid Magic Erasers as they can wear down the bathtub’s finish.

By adhering to these straightforward guidelines, you can ensure your refinished bathtub remains in excellent condition for many years. Regular cleaning and careful maintenance will protect the finish and help you steer clear of expensive repairs or replacements in the future. Tubs N Stuff is here to support you every step of the way in your refinished bathtub maintenance journey, guaranteeing your bathroom continues to shine and impress.