Stained enameled bathtub

Whose tub is THIS bad?!Resized 20231110 074153

This photo was taken in a house with a 1950s tub. Shallow well with sulphur and iron in the water. The above photo provided by the homeowner. When he moved in, the tub looked its age but not stained like this. There was some mild build up of minerals on the walls and tub, and common cleaners weren’t working. So he used a very strong cleaner which had turned the tub enamel into a magnet of sorts. When cleaning, he would see almost instant success but see the stains reappear with a vengeance just seconds later. The cycle repeated, and there was no getting around this phenomenon.

Here’s the refinished tub.



IMG 7427

We use a USA-made polyurethane with excellent performance properties, resisting strong cleaners.

The refinishing can’t solve water quality problems. But it can give you some sanity until the well and pipes are serviced. AND now he’s got a very durable tub finish that will be easier to keep clean.

We can help with the refinishing.

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