Tub Finish Care

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Caring for our finish is as easy as washing a car. No special cleaners are required.

Regular cleanings. Use a cleaner such as Lysol bath cleaner or Scrubbing Bubbles with a soft sponge or wash cloth according to the directions on the packaging. Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads. Do not use Magic Erasers for your primary cleaning. Avoid the cleaners asking you to test in an inconspicuous area or that are not recommended on painted surfaces. When you clean, be sure to remove the soap residue from the finish. (Dry soap residue will transfer to a finger with a pale, waxy appearance.) Most importantly, rinse well.

If we installed sand slip resistance to the floor, use a nylon- or natural-bristled brush on that area. Use Magic Erasers for chafe marks.  Check the “Tips” tab.

Between cleanings. Wipe down entire surface with a microfiber cloth before stepping out of the tub or shower with clean, moving water.

Tub Finish Care
Bathtub Refinishing

Avoid excessive moisture.Slow drains, leaking faucets, bath mats, bath pillows and puddling water will damage the finish. We recommend storing bottles, soaps, and wet fabrics off the finish. Also, allow the bath area good air flow.

Protect tub from impact damage, strong cleaners and adhesive products.

Dry your tub & walls. Squeegee, towel or both. This will greatly help with mold and simplify cleaning. If your tub is otherwise still wet an hour after bathing, improve the ventilation and drying.

Avoid stains. Keep colored candle wax and other substances that cause staining away from tub.

Caulk. Maintain a good caulk seal at the walls, floor, drain or where applicable. Most commonly found caulks will fail within a few years. Your diligence can save you a lot of inconvenience and expense. 

Sometimes caulk just looks bad. If it is still sticking well, see if you can clean it first.  If you prefer, we can replace it for you.

Touchup bottle.  If you need to touch up, you should do so when the tub and touchup material are at room temperature and the tub is absolutely clean. Use the least amount you can to cover your blemish. Store the touchup bottle upright in your freezer. 

Safety in the bath. Our finish is slippery. We highly recommend using slip resistance and grab bars to help prevent falls. Keep in mind mats left on the finish will cause it to fail in time. We can not be responsible for mat damage nor your safety practices in the bath. 

Waxing. Only when the finish has aged a full 90 days and is not in need of any repairs is it OK to wax. Apply a good quality car wax the same as you would apply it to a car, according to its directions. If you apply wax too soon, a unique defect appears to the finish and your warranty will be voided. Caution: your waxed tub will be slippery; we can not be responsible for your safety in the bath. 

Scheduling policy

When we’ve agreed upon a date and time for an appointment we may call in advance to confirm. In the event we do not hear from you within a time we deem reasonable, we will forego the appointment and you will need to reschedule.  

With confirmed appointments we will call if we’re running more than 15 minutes late. 

Quoted prices for your originally scheduled date are subject to change.

Repair policy

We’ll repair only what is indicated. Please to be sure to provide Post-It notes, pieces of tape or other means if there are multiple spots for repair. Please understand we can not assume your intentions. If more areas are found after the initial trip’s repairs have been completed, we will charge for the successive trip(s).


Payment is due upon completion of the work. Please plan accordingly. We accept cash, check, major credit cards (3% fee) and Zelle.

Sorry, we don’t accept Apple Pay and most other app-based payment methods.